Tantric Massage for Couples 

Tantric massage is one of the previous disciplines within de Maithuna to prepare us for the "The sacred love" of tantra. It is an excellent practice to empower our sexual energies, reconnect with our most intimate being, strengthen our love with others (specially with your couple) and to understand sexuality from another perspective. 
Le boudoir de Gala has created a new concept, inspired on tantric bases,  however and although it is not an original tantric session, the original principle and focus of this massage remains the same: donate a new sexual perspective, heal, strengthen self-love and love to others as well as deliver a full satisfaction that endures in your daily life.
The massage for couples is one of the most interesting practices within the services provided by Gala. Tantrism is based on love, that is why a tantric session improves and works better there, were real and honest passion is. An excersice of trust and intimacy that will empower the energy and charming all lovers have to keep the love alive. 

Le Boudoir  des Amoreaux

A Couple Massage

Dedicated to those couples who are looking for an experience of tantric love. There are other alternatives for this exciting and fascinating session. Please don't hesitate to contact Gala for more information. 


2h         800€

3h         900€

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