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Tantra and Gender Equality. Le boudoir de Gala, the best sensual massage in Paris

Tantra and Gender Equality

Le Boudoir de Gala present: Tantra and Gender Equality.

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To some, Tantra is a free-love cult, a remnant of the psychedelic sixties; to others, it is New Age spiritual sex therapy, part of the California lifestyle, and a slice of 1990s pop culture. Although Tantra flourished in India from 320-650 AD1, the Modern Western world has recently revived and reinterpreted the traditional Indian and Buddhist practices in a New Age variation referred to as Neotantra.

Because Tantra encourages wholeness, it embraces opposites, seeing them as complements instead of contradictions. Therefore, the concepts of masculinity and femininity are not strictly divided by a gender gap but are viewed as two polarities that meet and merge in every human being. Tantra recognizes that each human being, man, woman, or otherwise, possesses both masculine and feminine qualities. This means that by discarding gender stereotypes, people can expand their sexual identities tremendously, honoring a polarity within themselves that has been largely ignored.

In Tantra, the male is encouraged to explore his soft, vulnerable "feminine" traits. He can slip out from beneath the weight of his masculine responsibilities, stop performing, and relax. He can take his time in sex, make love without a specific goal, and allow himself to receive while his partner initiates. The female then is free to explore her traditionally masculine dimensions by recognizing that she is capable of dynamic leadership in lovemaking, taking the initiative, creating new ways of guiding and teaching, and pleasuring both herself and her partner. The male does not give up his masculinity nor does the woman abandon her femininity. They simply expand their personalities to include the other polarity.

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