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Couple Massage and it's benefits for a relationship!

Couple Massage and it's benefits for a relationship!

Couple massage is one of the most popular types of massage therapy offered in the spa industry today. But, you can easily learn how to give a massage at home to your partner, and it's simple and easy to learn.

It's well established receiving a massage provides numerous self-care benefits, and the same holds true when you're a couple. During a couples massage, each partner receives a full body massage from their own masseuse, simultaneously. You both experience a healing and rejuvenating treatment, with the added value of enjoying a shared experience. In several ways, a relationship can benefit from a couples massage.


By scheduling a couples massage, you create a space in the day when both partners get to enjoy an escape from obligations that create the need for a massage in the first place. If a couples massage is a new activity, it may create a feeling of exploration and adventure, and of creating new memories together. As your muscles surrender into a relaxing full body experience, the shared activity creates communal spirit you may carry with you, through the rest of your day or week.


Every couple experiences both the highs and lows of togetherness, and the accumulated stress of conflicts within the relationship can leave both parties feeling distant, or resentful. During a massage, the emotions trapped within tense muscles may be gently stretched and kneaded away, helping attune both partners to an emotional reset. You may each leave feeling more centered, and able to hear and accept each other once again.


At the same time, a therapeutic massage may ease each partner's tensions, the act of balancing the body's muscles may set the stage for a physical reconnection. While the focus of a couple's massage is on healing and disengaging from the pressures of everyday life, receiving simultaneous massages inspires a feeling of shared closeness and physical security. You will both feel looser, and more open towards one another, creating the perfect mood to continue your date with a romantic meal, a scenic hike, or any shared interest that sparks your emotional and physical intimacy.


While the relationship benefits of a couples massage mostly have to do with the shared, simultaneous activity, all the healthful benefits that come with an individual massage still apply. A therapeutic massage increases circulation, boosts the immune system, rehabs strained muscles, promotes healing, and induces a state of relaxation. All of these things bring about overall improved health that may be felt for days afterward. When both partners in a relationship are healthy, and relaxed, and feel taken care of, the relationship itself becomes stronger as a result.

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