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Why people wants a tantric massage . By Le Boudoir de Gala

Hello back. It has happend a while since I haven't write a new post on my blog. I did tried yesterday and something went wrong and i loose the full information i wrote over.

Before to start I would like to invite you to navigate over my website, to see and read my approach, my services and images. If you are interested in booking a session with me, please don't hesitate to contact me at or directly to my phone or whatsapp at: +33 6 58840238. Looking forward to hear from you and hoping to share with you an amazing tantric moment.

In my previous post I spoke about the importance of having a new approach in our sexuality and sexual activity. If you haven't read it and you are interested in our sexual energy, please I invite you have a look and get back later in this new post. This will help you to understand my approach and view regarding sex, sexuality, sensuality and life itself.

It hasn't been so long ago since I started to work with tantric massage. It has been a process, in which I had to fight with prejudice, stigma and finally with what was expecting to get, a big understanding on sexuality and life. Going through my therapies and meeting people I have conclude that people is in a special and quite lost search. It has made me realise that people, or better call it society, is in the search of "false expectations" and also willing to do things they ignore are far from their real vital sexual energy. Why it is happening that? What do I mean with "false expectations" and "willing to do fictitious things".

Unfortunately we are immersed in a world manipulated by pornography and individuality (the ego). By consequence, our expectations in sex and all what correspond to sexual energies (sensuality, erotism etc), are linked to a patriarchal pattern that implies roles and duties. Unfortunately the modern way of living also has made of us, individuals strictly independent, in such a way that sexuality has become a thing to recieve and share, but not a genouinos sharing as it suppose to be, but rather a sharing that has to do with the ego.. the one in which you please finally your own ego.. not the other one. As I guess you have seen over my website I work with tantric sessions for women and couples too. It is not exclusively for men. Is so absurd and ignorant the world we live in regarding sexuality that they have even people asking me if I am a "lesbian" just for doing tantra sessions for women.. incredible right?, ok, but lets keep on and then you will be able to understand clearly what I mean.

I will start with women's issue. I would like to highlight, first of all, that not everyone who contacts me do it for an issue or problem. Many people is pretty clear with their sexuality, haves a fairly high sexual conscience and is pretty responsible with it . However there is a lot of people that comes to me oftenly with a hidden problem (a problem that they are not aware of) . In the case of ladies it is very interesting to see how they are trying to free them selves from all those dutis imposed by pornography and finally are trying to search the path for feeling pleasure. A honest and organic pleasure, far from expectations and the most important, far from the duty to please the other. Unfortunately because of pornography many women has gave up completely to the fact of having pleasure, It is socially stablish that we, women, are sexually made to please and fullfill the desire of the other. It is very well express on pornography, you can rarely see any type of female orgasm or neither any type of sensual image specially made for women (all close ups are about boobs and female genitals, there is nothing to watch for us). It is always about subordination and the complet satisfation of males. The women who contact me for a tantric session usually are women who have been in silence, obeying the desire and the expectation of the husband without to really express and reach what they want. I have ask why not to express it or ask for it, they have answered me that they didn't want to loose their husbands. I know, because some people have even ask me by chat, many of you would think that those ladies are or have certain homosexual orientation cause they are contacting me instead to contact a male masseur, but the fact is that they are straight women (not in all the cases but almost all of them) and they just contact another female for the fact to feel free.. They have been feeling oppressed for so long by males that they believe the only way to explore other type of satisfaction, or to feel free and gain confidence, is through another woman. One of them for example, had a strong fear to nudity.. I am quite sure now she feels more free and behinde all the tantric experiecens she has have with me, the conversations has made a big impact within her soul and mind.

Couples who contact me are usually people who really love and respect each other, they talk about their fears, their lacks and also their fantasies. Fantasies are always good, as long as there is a sexual conscience and a close relationship with the sexual impulse, without falling into paraphilias. It is usually people who have experienced monogamy for many years and who have secured a deep bond of trust and affection. Couples contact me with the desire to experience a new boundary. In the line of respect, they try to revive with me the escence of feeling, without to have sex. A seductive and organic ritual that can empower the touch we tend to loose after many years of relationship. The conversation with them is also important.. there is no therapy without a talking. Mainly when we are trying to reinvent the structure of our sexuality. There is just one point in this case I would like to remark, because of the same pathriarcal oppresion it has happend me that some couples contact me, we meet for the session and I can clearly feel that the lady is just accepting the fact cause she feels obligated to please the desire of her husband, in this case I always try to make the person confident and welcome. Obviusly works well but It is important to higlight it cause is part of my conclusion in the end of my post. Anyway I love to work with couples since tantra has to do with it. There is nothing better than work on a sessions where there is real and honest love, even though individuals are also incredible since they come with their best willing to feel amazing.

In the case of men is completely different and I think is when become more problematic. Why it feels that for men is more complicated? In my view is because as I have mention before, sexuality, I specially mean in the western world, has been build in a pathriarcal system where men are the most priviledge, by consequence, there is no obligations to fullfill, even though I would like to highlights that pornography has also made an impact on males world and has also provoke certain level of tension. It is very rare to find males with problems about their own nudity or even about the size of their genitals, but indeed there is cases and of course it comes purely from the prejudices of pornography. I wanted to express this to make sure you understand pornography has made an enormous impact in all of us as society, affecting deeply in our self esteem, our confidence, our performance and also our roles.

There are two type of men who contact me. The first one and the most often is descent people who are trying to find a new experience, something different than what is usually offer. This people obviously read the website first, they try to make sure is a place where he can feel confortable, find what he wants and most of all, it shares his values. The second type of men that usually contact me is unfortunately the type of men I would like to speak most here, It is a type of person completely lost and blind.. someone who is not willing to experience or live or learn something new, someone who is following "false expectations" and is completely individualistic (they don't care or even hesitate about women's need or pleasure). Is evident that I don't treat with these people. I have no interest to try to change the mind or even give my time to people who disrespect women. It is very simplistic and quite easy to convert sexuality in a cheap story and what is worse, to not be able to see how bad you perform, you believe and you keep on. What makes sexuality interesting is to make it a challenge, to respect it, explore it with awareness and to get back to the organic impulse, far from all paraphilias imposed by society (fetiches).

The first men that I mentioned before, are men who usually are trying to experience something aside their monogamus life, without to end up in sex and nether engage in a parallel relation. Is people somehow that are trying to keep their loyalty and faithfulness through a safe practice in which they can also reconnect, empower and improve even with their own couples. There is also other type of men who contact me because they are in pain and they think a tantric massage can help them, indeed it can happends, but in that case they need to make sure tantra is not a sentimental therapy, even though I am always open to talk with them since my sessions emerged from ideas, philosophies and intelectual approaches, therefore my therapy always involve a dialogue.

In conclusion I would like to tell that because of the "false expectations" imposed by pornography and society itself, it feels some people (unfortunately many) are unconfortable with their own sexuality. My intention is to bring up a honest discourse, an intelectual view about us as human and about our sexuality which is the full vitality of our existence. A sensible touch that can provide you affection and also an organic sensuality, far from parafhilias, but rather completely connected to your sexual impulse. An erotic awareness experience, where puritanism is not welcome but respect does.

I will try to write in my next post what I do try with my tantric touch and what I really mean wit it. For the moment I hope you have had a small insight about how I am discovering the sexuality of the people through my work and how I see the emergency of a new approach, a new sexual awakening, where there are no privileged, where everyone has their rights, where there is no fear, where we can be able to talk and be understood, were we can feel without to hurt, where we can give without to expect and where we can experience sexuality purely clean and free.

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