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Can you imagine the impact that a caress of affection produces on your body, your soul and even your self-esteem?. It is really honest to believe that is just ephemeral satisfaction what people is really looking for? Have you ever think in the possibility that what you really need is attention and love?. Our body is absolutely connected to our spirit and soul. We are always looking for acceptance, in which we should do our best, even forgetting ourselves, but have we ever try to understand what we really want? I believe many of us has been going through what society has told us to believe. We have been maybe years ignoring our real essence.. the sexual impulse connected to our own valuation and the esteem of the other, without classifying that person. without to understand if is love, not love or even a stranger.

After understanding some principles of tantra philosophy I completely changed my approach about my own sexuality and sexuality itself. Today I understand better where we come from and how vital is our sexual energy. Beyond to receive a wonderful tantric session, in any of its forms, is always important to understand that the real impact needs to be in your mind. Once you started to open your eyes, to understand you sexuality differently, to love your body, your nudity, your entire self and understand that our sensuality is not something wrong, that is actually part of our lives then is when tantric cares will make a real effect. There is no point to try a tantric massage if in your mind you keep thinking and viewing sexuality with insanity. Also misunderstanding the concept of "erotika" or even devaluing our organic sensuality which is one of the most natural behavior we have.

A tantric caress is not based on gender, is not based on sexual orientation and is not based on domination. A tantric cares is a practice that will provide you the warmness, the affective value you need to empower your own sense of sensuality and by consequence the vitality of your intime sexuality. Remember... we came from there, there is nothing more natural than that.

I invite you to take one of my sessions, to talk about our organic sexual essence and to experience a new way to view it.

Music is particularly important to guide emotions and to make the tantric touch more coherent and more sentimental. I invite you to listen beautiful pieces and think about it. Don't hesitate to contact me for an amazing tantric moment. Le Boudoir de Gala outcall massage service. The best erotic tantric massage in Paris.

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