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The impact of COVID 19 on social contact and physical affection - Le Boudir de Gala.

It has been a while since I saw you guys last time. I am and I have always been a very responsible person with my self and with others, that is why I decided to respect the lockdown and of course to follow all the recommendations and measures given by the government. Unfortunately this incredible phenomenon did attack us deeply and it went inside of one of the most necessary actions we need in life, THE CONTACT. I was isolated for more than two months patiently waiting for the overcome of this terrible situation that has made so much damage in all levels, emotional, social but also economical. Now is time to face it and we will have to learn to live with it, responsibly but still to live knowing that this is still out there.

After all I would like to highlight the positive sides of this global crisis. What did we learn from it? What is the things we consider really important today? All this isolation and restriction has probably made a big impact in each of us, making us think what we really love, what we really need and the way our system and society was going. Since my blog is not about economy, politics or neither health care (well it does, but as you know guys focus on sexuality and wellness), I want to talk then about the principal point, I guess, we all miss... Did you notice how important is the contact, is to interact physically with others? Yes, I am sure you did and you miss it as you never did before. We have been under strong restriction and we have been aside from all social contact and affectivity. How can we live and survive like that? Do you see now how important is a hug? a kiss ? a caress? Yes it is.. is the way we have to understand, in the most graphic way, that we are still alive, and please don't miss understand me, this is beyond sexuality, this is just the principle of exist. For me as a tantric therapist, as a woman, as a creative soul and human has touched me deeply and has made me realize how lucky I have been, full of love around me and also with the facility to give what we most need, physical attention. When I mention physical attention of course I mean in a holistic form, not only from a sexual perspective but rather from an affective action.

It has been too long and now we are suppose to retake life slowly. Let's give us a chance to start again, to retake that organic habit we have to exist and give to it the best significance we never gave to it. Now that we have been so far from it, we should get it back with respect and appreciate it as we never did before.

I hope you guys have been doing well over this interesting and unique time and I am looking forward to see you again. I am now back at work and of course for the entire protection and safety of you there is some protocoles to follow to give you the best satisfaction and trust over a wonderful tantric session. Don't hesitate to contact me and ask about all insights and new updates over this times.



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