A unique experience of couples massage in Paris.

Hi my name is Gala and I am an holistic therapist in Paris working only with tantric sessions. I kindly invite you to check the full page here : anyway I want to invite you to know a little bit about one of my best services, the couples massage, why? because tantra is an exercise of love, of affection and what best than doing that with the one you trust most and know best. An exercise that will empower your romanticism open other sense on your sexuality and also will bring you an amazing feeling of harmony. A ritual that will workyour human body carefully and with a beautiful sensual intention. An erotic ritual that will also work in your mind and energies. Don't miss this beautiful session with your couple, a therapy that will bring you relaxation, serenity and also a wonderful pleasent feeling. I don't want to go ddeply in what is my tantra seesion for couples. I want to invite you to read more about my service over here: , even though I wanted to remaind you that you are welcome to contact me to know more about this wonderful imaginary universe, created with a lot of love and dedication. Please be aware this is not a spa, it is an outcall massage service. Looking forward to share this beautiful and unique moment with you and your couple.

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