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Organic and Naturist touch specially made for women

Hi my name is Gala, I am an independent masseuse working with tantric sessions. I have been trying my best to use my hands and my warm heart to help people. In that search I understood woman also need and deserve experience something that so far as always been designed to men.

Historically woman have been ignored by many aspects in society, including the right of "desire". As a woman and also therapist I wanted to create and provide a safe and trustful service to all those ladies who wants to try and explore something different. Something in which they should not care about the "other" expectation and neither "the duty" they should follow . My tantric massage sessions for girls are specially designed for them. A beautiful and delicated approach to invite them to feel, to discover them selves and the most important.. to feel beautiful and empowered.

Sexual energy is one of the most important forces we have. Is the beggining of everything, is the creative force that can lead us to the multiplicity (procreation and creation), that is why to ignore it or not even know it can cause enormous frustration and even create spiritual and mental disorders. Physical, mental and sexual work is an arduous task for women who have been subjected for centuries to strong moral and social norms. Even for me as a masseuse, the prejudices toward me are not the same made to a male masseur. To prevent this tension, avoid absurd social responsibilities and be calm and confident enough to calmly explore your body and sensations, tantric massage performed by a female therapist can be a very good solution.

I kindly invite you to experience this beautiful energy that will help you to empower your self esteem and invite you to have a better understanding of your self and body. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information and also to reserve one wonderful session of body to body massage or a classic tantric session.

Free your self to experience an erotic massage atypical that is not intended to portray woman as a slave and neither as an inappropriate being. A moment to feel BEAUTIFUL, FREE AND YOUR SELF.

Visit my website for more information :

I will be glad to show you and share you my hermetic universe.



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