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The best outcall massage in Paris

Hi my name is Gala, I am an independent masseuse working with tantric massage in Paris. Before to invite you to read my article, I kindly invite you to look at my page for more information about my sessions, for service list, concept and rules. By clicking here you will be able to navigate quickly over my website or directly

I have been some time now working with tantric sessions It has been a full experience since is not just about doing massage, but rather to meet and understand the universe of others. The work with tantra has made me realise and understand better about our prisma regarding sexuality but also about how we can improve our quiality as humans, why? because if we manage well those energies, we will defenitely move in life with a better vibe. Fortunately most of my patients are persons who are looking for having a quality time and also an improvement in their privacy (which is not necessarily a physical privacy but rather mental privacy). An few others are the ones who has set up their mind and prefer to not indagate or experience nothing new. I believe those are the ones who needs more tantric help since some of their "impresion, expectations and ideas " about eroticism are twisted and wrong. I have always been lucky to treat with great and respectful people (even if there are f having a closed minded set about everything in life, not just sexuality) and I put special emphasis in people who dont want to see other ways. Normally is males the onces more obsses with the idea of believing that they know everything!!, Thanks god, I insist, is just few and most of people (in general) is open to experiece new things.

My tantric sessions are intended to provide you a great tantric and sensual massage with a poetical and beautiful eroticism that will drive your energies differently. With the serenity of a tantric ritual and a warm, embrassing and meaningful tantric touch I will help you to experience a sensorial journey but at the same time holistically improve in your emotions and MIND. The tantric exercise is not just a physical experience is also something that works in your mind . Some people calle it "spirit" but me, since I am not that superstitious I call it directly MIND!.

The tranquility in your mind, mental stability between your thought and body will help you to move, improve and perform better in your affective / sensual life . That is why the importance of buying a good tantric massage, from a good therapist that is really energetically willing to help you and provide the atenttion touch that you need.

I kindly invite you to check my list of therapies, my full little imaginary universe in which you are welcome to join. Looking forward to hearing from you : women, men and couples.


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