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Le Boudoir de Gala an erotic massage in Paris unique and unforgettable.

Sensual massage experience that will help you to recover passion but also invite you to understand your sexual energy with other eyes.

Le Boudoir de Gala, a unique and beautiful concept of Tantric massage, a sensual and erotic massage experience that will help you to understand sexuality from a different perspective.

My name is Gala, I am the therapist and creator of this wonderful, secret and discreet universe. I have the pleasure to inform you that my services are not only dedicated to individuals, I am also focusing and giving important attention to couples. Why it is important for me to give a special care to couples? If you read my website, you will find that TANTRA, beyond to understand it as a massage it is a way of thinking, a philosophy, a way to understand and conceive our sexual and in consequence our emotional life. Tantra is an expression that emerge from love, from affection and physical/emotional attention, to achieve and experience better this, it is important to have a link of love that is why I always highlight that for couples tantra will be always the best way to experience this wonderful exercise.

If you are wondering what to share with your couple, if you wish to experience something together with your loved one I strongly advice you to share one of my beautiful sessions for couples, I have had the honor to attend already beautiful people, that respect each other and the most important , where love is the most important between them and I can tell as a therapist that for me couples massage is the exercise I enjoy most as a tantra therapist.

A body to body massage that will provide you a different sensation, shared next to your couple and inviting you to experience sensuality from another perspective. Don't hesitate to contact me for this magical session. For more information please click here :

I will be always happy to hear from you

Beautiful vibes


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