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Naturist Massage Paris, an Organic Experience

Best Naturist massage in Paris, Le Boudoir de Gala

What is a naturist Massage? It is a naked massage? what it means and what has been done for ? does it have real benefits?. My name is Gala, creator and indepedent masseuse at Le Boudoir de Gala, a luxury concept on tantric massage. My main subject is naturist Massage and I'm here to explain what it's made for and what it's for.

For many people, nudity can be conflicting and even more so when it comes to people who have suffered physical and psychological violence. I have been fortunate to work with some clients with self-esteem issues (mainly women) and with a poor connection to their body and appearance. Miraculously, naturist tantric massage sessions have been effective for this type of situation. It has not been an immediate change, but after a few sessions the improvement is remarkable. Confronting yourself openly (naked body), in front of a stranger, who otherwise is going to work with your body and sexual energy, can be uncomfortable and challenging, however the massage that I work with, approach the caress with a different form and manner. It is at this moment that the "tantric caress" ​​plays an important role in the healing of a body, spirit and soul. The affection and caring intention of a caress, an expression of emotional and sensual affection in a body damaged by trauma or bad past experiences, is finally pragmatic,strengthening and healing. Recovering confidence, self-esteem and working sexual energy in a healthy way is not an easy task and even more so if you work with the wrong people. A person with damage to his "inner self" appears vulnerable in intimate situations. If the therapist who is going to work that energy on you does not know how to deal with your confidence, your beauty and your most honest state (your nakedness), it can ultimately be more damaging.

I feel very happy to have been able to help many people through my naturist massage who came to me looking for an answer, a reason or a simple solution. The naturist massage is destined to explore, resent and guide your energy and sexual focus in a different way, uderstanding this exploration from an organic and holistic perspective. If you are looking for new experiences, or you are looking for solutions, answers or reasons like some of my patients, do not hesitate to contact me. Keep in mind that my concept of naturist tantric massage is not only intended for those people who suffer from a problem, It is also a type of session aimed at wellness and mystical sensory experience. A magical experience where nudity poetically activates our sensuality in an organic way and therefore unconsciously reflects on eroticism from another place.

With the best disposition, good vibes and energy in the world, I invite you to discover this incredible universe, where all your senses and reflections come together in a single situation. Beautiful and personalized tantric massage sessions for women, men and couples. The best outcall massage in Paris, exclusively designed for people with well understanding on private things. Visit the website for full information and don't doubt about asking for more information if you need it.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping that I will be able to guide you over your tantric and naturist experience in Paris.


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