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Outcall Massage Paris, Le Boudoir de Gala best sensual massage service. THE TANTRIC SESSIONS

Outcall Massage Paris
Outcall Massage Paris

Hi, I am Gala, I am a young and multidisciplinary artist working with holistic therapist and visual arts. I have always tried to combine my artistic knowledge with my practical experience on holistic therapies. After been in touch with people who has a vast experience on TANTRIC MASSAGE, I decided to start my own project "Le Boudoir de Gala" and by consequence to work with my new concept on tantric massage. Before to invite you to my universe and discover my little world though my page, I would like to clarify you that this is not a conventional session of tantra, or for those who doesn't really know about tantra and confuse it with "escort service" to highlight that this is not a sex service. Le Boudoir de Gala is a concept that work sexual energies and also has elaborate a discourse and vision about it. It is a philosophy aplicable to your life and also to exercise it with your loved ones. If you are someone who is intrigued about your inner self, your own sexuality, you self love, self care this is the place for you. Before to contact a masseuse, always ask your self WHY YOU ARE REALLY DOING IT, it is really just the search of a fleeting satisfaction ? or it is something else? Are you sure you are receiving the attention and love you deserve? Are you sure you are aware of your vitality and sexual energy and by consequence the way you give to the other ? This is the time to experience and exercise something different that can help you to open and change your perspectives. A simple caress can sometimes mean more than other type of physical manifestations.

I kindly invite you to experience my sensorial rituals of tantric massage, a sensual massage based on tantric values that will help you to recover the sense and meaning of affection, to understand that we are not just the body and the skin, we are also deeply connected with our emotionality and by consequence sexuality is an equivalent of self love and the basic and natural need of attention. Beautiful session made for females, males and also couples. My tantric massage for males are really good mainly for changing perspectives. To re elaborate the understanding of "feel please" and understand the other, to push you to reconnect with your organic sexual impulse, instead of been manipulated by media and pornography that put you far an aside from what sexuality really means. On the other hand my tantric massage session for females is mainly designed to help women to recover confidence, through my naturist massage session, they can empowered all that has been denied to them (in many cases women who has been under toxic relationships) and why not, also for those who contact for the only reasons of knowing and discovering new things.

I have also designed my sessions for couples. A couple massage that in my view is the base of my website and universe. Tantra is an expression of love, by consequence this is the best way in which we can develop a wonderful energy. If you and your couple are looking for new adventures, or you have been under pressure, the charming between you guys has been damage or you need just simply revive the passion this is definitely for you. An outcall massage in Paris that will bring you the best sensual massage service at your hotel room. I always advice my patients to write me before and I like to explain in detail about the session to make them confortable.

Now I can kindly invite you to explore Le Boudoir de Gala and check my concept and the rules. If you wish to check my services I invite you to click here:

I will be happy to guide you over your tantric experience in Paris, don't hesitate to contact me for a wonderful session of light and beauty.

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