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A sensorial and unique journey for those who are in the seek of something new.

What is a tantric massage? Many people ask me for that since there are plenty of places offering tantric sessions, but what really is? and is Le Boudoir de Gala really offering a trantic massage session?. I don't like to lie to my customers, and I always try to be the best and the most transparent possible. I have been doing tantric massage for about 4 years now. The naturism has been a bif impact in my life, always in a positive way. It has helped me to enforce my self and keep more control over my inner side. The tantric work with others has made me more sensible aswell. I do like the idea of transporting and healing people with my hands, but I want to let people know that my sessions are not a tipical session of tantra. A real tantric session will implies a lot of mental work. Meditation and exploration of your sexual energies from different chanels. I do like the idea and this is what I try to approach with my unique sessions, even though I take mostly the pragmatic exercise of it. I am not trying to invest my session on meditation or other type of techniques, but rather to the way in which I approach people. Sometimes a simple caress can make a big impact on you, that is why I put all my faith on that. I also try to express and discuss with my customers about how we view sexuality and by consequence other subjects such as sensuality and eroticism. I believe a cousy and transparent speach can also improve and empower the idea of having a transformation. The power of the word is the one that will give the meaning to what you experience . I want to make clear that my tantric sessions are a combination of the enormous sensuality that a naturist session can provide and the poetry of the most organic and pure eroticism emerging from it, is the perfect mixture between beauty and pleasure without to be a sexual relation.

Keeping the genuine protocoles of what it is a massage, I try to exercise my best intentions with my will and my warm hands. If you are one of these persons that would be interested to experience something new, don't hesitate to contact me. I have designed beautiful tantric massage sessions for females, males and couples. Don't miss this opportunity and try the best erotic and sensual massage in Paris.

Soon I will come back with more reflexion but at this time about my privacy and how tantra has been changing my perspectives and way of feeling.

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