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Why to take an erotic massage outcall in Paris?

The tantric massage combined with and erotic massage experience.

Hi my name is Gala, I am an independent masseuse and an holistic therapist based in Paris. I have been working with tantric massage, erotic massage and sensual massage for about three years now. I always like to specified and clarify what it is my massage about and try to make you the most confortable, cozy and welcome possible.

I want to make sure, first of all, that you know this is not an original tantric session. We have to understand that beside to relate TANTRA with a massage, TANTRA is basically a philosophy, a way to understand and conceive our sexuality and also approach it. As you can imagine and for experiencing a real improvement within your sexual vibes, it is important to work intellectually and spiritually your view and conception of things (such as pleasure, self love, others love, respect, nudity, gender values and the retransformation of sexual roles). That is why I like to specified this part because I don’t work with a big speech to give you a big insight of what really tantra is and by consequence to help you in a your new view about sexuality. My massages are mainly a sensual massage, an erotic massage experience that is approached from this beautiful and significant caress of tantric massage. I don’t like to provide a simple touch in which you will poorly and falsely get a superficial massage and you will be convince (this is very often) that you have benefit from something that it doesn’t exist and that rather is just empowering your ignorance and maybe “egoism” within your sexual prism.

Many man contacted me expecting to “donate” or to just experience “a genital” session. Are you really looking for a traditional erotic massage? Or would you like aside to receive a great massage to learn something new? Something that can help you to perform yourself later with your loved one later.

Through my tantric sessions I try to give you the best and unique experience of affection and sensuality that emerge from the purity and organic beauty of nudity. This is naturist practice that invites you to have another conception on naked bodies. A massage that will be performed completely naked (for you and for me ) and where my delicate hands will provide you a satisfactory touch, not just sexual but also emotional, creating on you a sentiment of fulfillment.

Let your self to experience something new, without to worry about to give, to be approved, but rather to feel, to understand the meaning of a new touch and to learn.

In my coming post I will explain the importance of learning a tantric touch, mainly for men since we are in a very contaminated society where pornography is today the biggest influence regarding sex and even sensuality. One of the most affected mentally are men and by consequence women suffer the consequences of this wrong information.

I invite you to book an appointment with me to experience this sensual, delicate , erotic and full of beauty sessions that beside to provide a full sexual satisfaction will give you other insights of sexuality, love and life itself.

To understand more of my tantric sessions, I kind invite you to check my page where I describe carefully each of my sessions: tantric massage for couples, tantric massage for males and tantric massage for females. Please click here to see all the information about it :

On the other hand if you feel you know about it already and you are already convince to book your tantric and erotic massage in Paris with me, please click here, there you will find all the information about prices and services:

If you wish you contact me directly and call me or write me an email, you will find the full contact details by clicking here:

Don’t forget to check my reviews clicking by here where you will find great comments given by my lovely customers, people with whom I have also learn and that in some cases I have even develop a friendship.

Also I invite you to check my gallery of images by clicking here :

Looking forward to hearing from you and expecting to share a beautiful tantric moment.

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