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tantric massage paris

Who is Gala 

A beautiful holistic therapist who is inspired by tantric principles and the beauty of a transparent and honest naturism. A luxury outcall massage service addressed to discreet patients who are willing to live new experiences  and perspectives. 

Gala will transport you over an unforgettable session of light where you will be able to empower your confidence, self-love and love toward others. An experience that will push your physical sensations to an emotional and spiritual communion.

Don't hesitate to contact "Le boudoir de Gala outcall massage Paris"  to book one of her special sessions.

Thi is undoubtely the best professional tantra massage in Paris.

Gala Answer Your Questions

I know you also do tantra massage for females, why?

I  asume massage as a therapy, a pragmatic and holistic method that can help people. I never started doing massage or get involved into tantra expecting to "please men", rather I wanted to work professionally with sexuality and that would implies any individual, doesn't matter their gender or age. Sometimes I receive messages of patients that describes their physical appearance to me, I would like to highlight that this is not relevant for this type pf therapies, this is a service that is intended to help and empower your own self confidence and sexual awareness, It has nothing to do with my view on your body. If you are concern about my opinion then have present that for me the only importance thing while I meet a patient is the serenity, respect and involvement that he /she can have with  the session. I mean people who shows interest in learn something new or in few cases to  people who wants to "heal".


You Speak about "healing", do you have patients who call you to heal or overcome some issue? 

Normally people call me just for the fact of experience something new (curiosity), sometimes for revive their sensations that has been silenced because of the "fatigue" of a monogamous relationship or simply to have a good moment with them selves. There is only few people who call me for a healing treatment, it is mainly demanded by women, even though there are also men who contact me for that. This makes me happy because beside of giving a beautiful moment I have the satisfaction to help, improve and heal someone. 


Why do you think women are the onces calling you most for a healing process?


Before to answer, I would like to clarify that women who call me (so far) are straight women. Anyway lesbian are welcome to contact me since my therapies doesn't discriminate people for having a different sexual orientation. I am a therapist and I am not here to date people so their sexual orientation and or, once again physical appearance  is not relevant. Now getting back to the question, I believe is because of the patriarchy global society we live in. We, woman,  have been silenced and also raised to please men, it doesn't really matter the pleasure of woman and when it comes to "pleasure women",  men imagine the "concept and ideas" stablished by pornography, an industry that has been created by men to satisfy other men, ignoring completely what women really likes or need. Unfortunately the social pressure is so elevate that women prefer to lie or fake in order to be erotic or sensual enough to finally fulfill their sexual responsibility. Basically for them "sex"for example is a "duty" and not a sensorial and beautiful experience of connection and love. Woman who contact me are in search of an organic sensation, a satisfaction that does not seek expectation or obligation or even competence (with other woman so they feel they have to be always the best, even if this will imply to give up in silence to your total right of feeling). A honest touch that is not violent, is not possessive, is not intended to dominate, but rather just to feel. Unfortunately many woman give up to their own sensuality and sexual impulse and some of them have never even discover it. They call a female therapist because they feel safe, in trust and the most important... understanding that there will never be an obligation or expectation. 

On the other hand males who call me in search of healing are normally people who wants to recover self esteem and confidence or even understand something that has been damage by a trauma. I am also happy to help in that sense. Sensuality is life, is energy and if we hide  behind the fear, we will never be able to develop fully. I know I do a deep explanation about my female patients but is because for men in general sexuality has never been a big issue, society has gave them the privilege to explore it freely. the biggest issue I believe is how males conceive sexuality/sensuality and the role of woman in that. That is why I also like to work with couples and help them in their journey.

What is Sensuality for you ?

Many people confuse sex appeal with sensuality. Sensuality does not have to be inherent to sexuality, rather it is connected to your spiritual and emotional essence, a sensual person pierces, communicates, moves and incites. That is why is important to work that side of you, it is the charm and strength to be loved, accepted and well connected. Sex appeal has more to do with your appearance and is commonly confused with "sensuality", however it is never bad to take care of yourself physically, you have to understand that our body is elemental and is the instrument where we expand all our energies.

Are you working with real tantric sessions?

This is a good question and I like to explain well my patients about it because I don't like to lie. Personally I don't follow or preach the superstitious aspect of this philosophy. I respect it deeply but I don't believe that is the real benefit of it. What I rather follow and take from it is the pragmatic practice of the tantric massage since I see clearly its benefits. My approach is absolutely more intelectual and I even apply some gender perspective. I deeply believe that a good intelectual discourse about sexuality and a good pragmatic and beautiful practice can absolutely make an impact and improvement specially in patients who are looking for healing or self discovery. Changes are not just physical, they are also intelectual and that is the part that takes most time. 

How it feels to work with this subject under prejudice and a miss understanding of sexuality in society ?

I deeply believe there is no point for me (at least) to sacrifice or put effort on people who has no interest in learning or experiencing something new. My effort, my good will and my energies goes to those males and females who are happy to enjoy something secretly beautiful and new. About the prejudice and miss understanding of sexual life in general I feel very sad. I believe people imagine and conceive sexuality with dark eyes and I am quite sure it emerged from religious prejudices. 

What is that sexuality marked by religious prejudices?

First of all, people who experience a sexuality with guilt, with shame, with perversion, with prejudice, with misogyny and pain is people who has bought this "religious idea" about what it is sexuality. We have to understand that sexuality and specially SEX is life, is the tool we have to procreate and project life. This is far from any type of violence or aberration. Sexuality is the most pure and honest aspect of our existence, is the force that keep us alive and keep us connected, that is why is important to take care of it. To keep and develop a healthy sexuality is important and relevant, it will be the key point to have a better self esteem, to behave confident, to respect the others and the most important.. to approach others correctly (mainly in the case of males to woman) . 


What are your favorite patient?

I like people who is open and is willing to experience or understand something new or who is clear about what will receive. I am lucky to have create a beautiful universe because most of the time I attract the right people. Normally is beautiful individuals that are involved in their search and move with love and respect in life. The unfortunate few people that contact me and is clearly out of my beauty concept  are not welcome and I don't even spend time to respond. 

Can you give an example of an unfortunate patient?

Fortunately I have never met them. Is easy to see and notice. Normally the first impression by email or message is enough. Is blind people that is not searching a good moment for them selves or a way to experience or learn something new, but rather to keep lying to them selves, and obviously ignoring what it is a sexuality with awareness. People who has a lack of respect.

Le boudoir de Gala - email: - phone and WhatsApp: +33 6 58840238 - open: Monday to Saturday 10:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs - Paris - France
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