*Read the services carefully before to call. It will make your choice better and easier. 

*"Le boudoir de Gala" is a sensual massage service and not an escorting agency. 

*"Le boudoir de Gala" is an INDEPENDENT MASSEUSE, that means that "Gala" is the only person working here. There is no other girls, by consequence when contacting "Le boudoir de Gala", don't ask about choosing girls, because this is an individual person. 

*  "Le Boudoir de Gala" works with massage, not with sex. 

*"Le Boudoir de Gala" is a serious and professional company as any other, as such please when you will contact, keep the same decency and diplomacy over the call or e-mail. Feel free to ask and clarify all your doubts without fear but always keeping a good and descent level. 

​*The massage is individual; no other participant will be accepted under any circumstances. Only couples with previous appointment  will be considered. 

* Drugs are strictly forbidden during sessions. 

​*All personal information provided to "Le boudoir de Gala" and given from it  are confidential (phone contacts, pictures, names, address, etc). It is strictly forbidden the use of this material for other purposes.

* "Le boudoir de Gala" works in Paris. Airport Charlles de Gaulle and Orly are considered with a special fee for transportation. We don't use to provide services in the periphery of Paris, you are welcome to contact us and see if there is an exception for a possible appointment.



Le boudoir de Gala is a luxury massage service addressed to exclusive customers who prioritize beauty, discretion, cleanliness and above all who are willing to explore new sexual  and philosophical sensations.


This imaginary world, strongly energetic, has as a principal the mutual respect, the beauty of sexuality and the poetic curiosity for other borders. The goal  is to bring  an improvement in life, get  a new perspective and approach sexuality differently. 

A sensorial experience that will help you to revive and reconnect your entire body with our most intime pleasure, a pleasure that is related with self acceptance and love. 

Be aware this type of exercise is a beautiful ritual to help you to enjoy your self in a healthy way, working  on a conscious sexuality and in the sexual impulse by consequence pervertions such as "fetiche", are not part of it.  

Give your self a chance to experience a pure, clean and clear sensation. A sincere touch that will elevate your way of feeling and also give you a new insight about how to reach the other one  in an intime way. 

It is important to clarify that "Le boudoir de Gala" does not provide sexual services. The naturist essence of this type of massage (naked massage) is fundamental for the good  management of sexual energies but it does not include sex. 



* A shower is necessary before the massage.


* Make sure the temperature of your room is appropriate.


* We will need clean towels for the session.


* Your phone must be off or in silence during the session.


* Before the massage, we will have an introductory conversation. If you have any doubts or concerns let it know before you start.


* Le Boudoir de Gala works with unscented organic oil and uses two types of aromatherapy that you can choose:


* Mint: Provides a feeling of freshness, very useful for tired bodies. Special for the hot summer seasons.


* Orange: A discreet scent of dry orange that brings a feeling of warmth. Special for the winter seasons.


* You can also choose your playlist: Experimental / Classical / Instrumental / Chill out / Jazz / Folk.

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Le boudoir de Gala - emial: - phone and whatsapp: +33 6 58840238 - open: monday to saturday 10am to 23pm - Paris - France

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