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Outcall Tantric Massage in Paris. A unique experience for females

Tantric philosophy is based on universal love and therefore there is no gender frame on it. Sexuality as sensuality has been made for men and by men, ignoring completely the desire, the need and the feeling of women. Both men and women have the inherent need to live the passion and desire in the same way. Tantrism deals with sexuality as a single entity of love, pleasure and desire without distinguishing supremacies. 

The tantric sessions below are specially designed to deliver greater confidence and a free exploration of desire without prejudice, without fears and without violence.

If you are a girl with a desire to feel a new sensation or to learn a new approach in your sensual life, I invite you to book an appointment to experience a wonderful session of sensuality but at the same time of passion, beauty and respect.

Le Boudoir de Mademoiselle I

a basic tantric session

If you haven't experience before any naturist or tantric massage, I strongly recommend you to choose this session first. 

A delicate sensual touch with the hands over a naturist moment (naked massage) where you will be able to feel without pressure, without expectations and beyond all with a beautiful sentiment of affection. 

    1h.   300

90min. 350



Le Boudoir de Mademoiselle II

a body to body massage

After this wonderful first experience, and when you have reach a confidence with the practice, this second session will transport you to a second level of passion and sensuality. The main idea over this practice is to help you to reconnect and feel, freely without fear and as a receptor. A delicate touch that will prove you another way of satisfaction.

    1h.   350

90min. 400

Mademoiselle et Gala

to share and to learn


This last service is made to share the experience. To let your self improve your own experience. It can be understood as a mutual massage or as a formation for you to learn and improve your tantric vibes with your couple. A practice of self and mutual respect. 

    1h.   600

    90m. 700



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Le boudoir de Gala - email: - phone and WhatsApp: +33 6 58840238 - open: Monday to Saturday 10:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs - Paris - France

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