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Outcall Massage in Paris, The Best Erotic Massage for Males

Tantric massage is one of the previous disciplines within de Maithuna to prepare us for the "The sacred love" of tantra. It is an excellent practice to empower our sexual energies, reconnect with our most intimate being, strengthen our love with others (specially with your couple) and to understand sexuality from another perspective. 
Sex and sexuality in tantrism is seen as  a sacred experience and  not as an egoistic practice of ephemeral satisfaction. It is also worthy to highlight that "Le Boudoir de Gala" perceive sensuality and erotism as a universal practice, where women and men have same needs, desire and demands, therefore the working approach is based on equality. 
Le boudoir de Gala has created a new concept, inspired on tantric bases,  however and although it is not an original tantric session, the original principle and focus of this massage remains the same: donate a new sexual perspective, heal, strengthen self-love and love to others as well as deliver a full satisfaction that endures in your daily life.A naturist (naked) massage that will contemplate your whole body. We invite you to experience this amazing session of pleasure that will be also transform in emotions and positives vibes. 

Le boudoir des sentiments I

Classic Tantric

The first initiatory meeting of the bodies. Where words and time lose their meaning. The only importance under this magic moment of maximum intimacy is to connect with your body and leave your emotions link with your spirit to achieve a total communion of your whole being. 

Through her hands, the therapist will transport you on a journey of sensuality, sentiments and spiritual sensations. 

1h          300€

1h30      350€

Le boudoir des sentiments II

A massage with the body

The second tantric meeting of the bodies. Under the silence of the two accomplices, the main focus remains on the body and the soul. Through her hands and also her body, the therapist will transport you on a journey of sensuality, sentiments and spiritual sensations. A body to body massage version. 

1h          350€

1h30      400€

Le boudoir de Gala / EXCLUSIVE

Conceptual Massage for regular customers

Trying to keep the essential elements of a tantric session, Le boudoir de Gala has created a conceptual massage dedicated to regular customers.

1h         600€

90m       700€


·    CARD PAYMENTS : Accepted the day of the appointment (visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay). 

·    CASH PAYMENTS: Accepted. 

·  ONLINE BOOKINGS: Accepted but only via PayPal. If you wish to do an online reservation please contact Gala first to check availability and then you are welcome to book or pay entirely your session online by clicking below :

Le boudoir de Gala - email: - phone and WhatsApp: +33 6 58840238 - open: Monday to Saturday 10:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs - Paris - France

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