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Hi everyone my name is Gala, I am an independent masseuse specialized in tantric and sensual massage in Paris. My main target is couples but individuals are the most current patients . If you are going to visit Paris or if you are established here and you would love to experience one of these wonderful therapies, don't hesitate to contact me, you will not regreat and you will have a beautiful and positive memory of your stay in Paris.

The topic of today is the meaning of eroticisms within a monogamous relationship. Is erotic life necesary to keep alive the good conection with your couple? is eroticism a synonym for love?, How important is to keep the flame alive? These and other reflexions are part of this new text that I bring to you, to provide you a better insight of what I think and also what are my conclusions after meeting many successful and not successful couple. Is very important to understand first of all that LOVE, has nothing to do with having or not good sex. Love is in the end the result of an encounter between two soulss that works and match well. A good team, that support, understand and project together. When there is a good vibe between you guys there is a good sign that you should protect and preserve. To find the perfect match is hard and when you find it, as all prescious things, should be protected and keep it safe. On the other hand we are sexual bodies, with a sexual vital energy moved by one of the most amazing and sacred creative and artistic misions, the procreation. Nature is so smart, perfect and generous that gave us the benefit to enoy it and have a pleaseant emotiong every time we approach it. Many people get confused when the líbido or sex decrease in their relationship, they always tend to think that is a sign of lack of love or emotional interest toward their couple, and many commit the mistake to brake beautiful and stable relationships in order to find again a flame that will obvisouly decrease one day again because the sexual interest in all monogamous relationship has an expiration date. Is nature, is sciense, our body works that way and there is nothing we can do about it but what we can do is to understand it and in base of this honest understanding to work with it and make a great , healthy and stable sexual life with your partner and with your self.

One of the first things we experience with long-term monogamous life is the lack of interest of caress, hugs, kisses.. the sensual life, why ? most of the time is because we get use to it or because we feel confortable. This provoke a concentration of our sexual energy purely genital but our body and mind becomes insensitive to sensual stimulation. Be sure this is not a sign of lack of love or the end of a wonderful love story, it is just the evidence of time and the security that this relationship offers you. So, how can you recover something as precious as the power of seduction or the sensual caress that invites you to live an unknown adventure? A good will and exploring other ways to experience pleasure are the solution. Tantra massage is a great choise if you are looking for something neutral, pleaseant, different, nontoxic, clean and positive. Also a good comunication with your partner is relevant in order to share same experience, get same understanding and by consequence, try to approach your intimate life from another perspective. Unfortunately there are plenty of people who can not addressed this situation with their partners because they are conservative, not flexible or even some could feel offended, experiencing even an emotional crisis. For that cases I will write a new blog in which I will address the idea of empower your self sexually in order to guide your couple later . This post is mainly addressed to couples who have a transparent comunication and are willing to experience things together.

The sexual chemistry that we live when we are frstly "in love", will never be the same in time, but be aware that sexuality as love transform as the years passed and more interesting things can come. I welcome many couples to experience my tantric sessions that are specially dedicated to them. Is an exercise of love, in which you will be able to love your self sexually and spiritualy. You will also interact and you will learn to see your loved one in another unique situation. To share a natusist massage practice (a full body naked massage) performed by a professional tantric masseuse or masseur is absolutely another paradigm for your sexual life, values and understanding of monogamous life. It challenge you once again to interact, expet and see your couple from another perspective without to feel in danger and neither practcing something toxic that can attempt your values, relationship and others. Why I said others ? because it is also important to choose the right therapist for that. There are plenty of agencies advertising tantra massage, but in reality those are escorting pages that are selling sex and teven worse, some of the girls can be against their will working there, so please be very careful at the time of choosing a tantric massage. Read well the pages and be sure is an independent professional who works for her /his self and not for an agency.

The power of the caresses and the invitation to have a third person in your privacy (nudity) is something that will already  work well in your unconscious and will provide you a conscious and resurgent sexuality, where good will and the exploration of your body throug a magic touch, genuinely recover the sensual and creative vibe that any couple needs for their intimacy and sexual happiness.

A body to body massage, a beautiful talk previous to the massage, a delicated and sensual touch is some of the beautiful aspects of this wonderful and unique tantric sessions that I dedicate to my beautiful patients.. I am happy to give this lovely session to couples since I also learn by the,. Thaks to this tantric massage experience I have learn that love and loyalty exist.

Don't forget we have a wonderful creative enery!

If you want to book or learn more about my tantric sessions don't hesitat to contact me directly to my mobile phone or whatsapp number : +33658840238 or navigate through my website : , you can also find list service here: .

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