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Luxury experience for kind and open people, the sensual masage paris that will help you to empower your inner self.

Hi my name is Gala, I am a tantric therapist working in Paris and I am giving lovely and magicl tantric massage sessions to women, men and couples. Have you ever tried a tantric massage in Paris ? or a Sensual massage Paris? if you haven't I kindly invite you to take a tantric session with me. For that it is important that you check the full website where you will find all information regarding my massage and my philosophy please click bellow to learn more : .

When I started my experience with tantra I went to work first in some salons and spa here in Paris where they explicitly say they sell tantric massages. Once in there you find out that non of the girls or neither people in charge of the place have an idea about it and even worse, not even a vision or discourse about what means sexual energy or wathever that can implies a conversation regarding sexuality. It is quiteand frustrating because in the end beside to provide a great massage, the idea is to do something that can provide you aswell a new vision, that can help you in your daily life. Obviously I didn't stay longer in those places, one week was enough for me to understand that it wasn't my place and neither my value as a tantric masseuse. The worse parts of everything, I believe, was to find girls working there without really understand what they were doing, ignoring completely any subject regarding sexuality, body, nudity etc. Once people goes there end up consuming a massage without any meaning, performed by someone who doesn't care about you, and providing you something that will not help you at all.

Beside that to assist in a spa or massage parlor expose you to deal maybe with a place that is not clean enough, discreet enough and in worse case, maybe you are unconsciously supporting an ilegal place where incorrect things happends (forced work etc). I strongly believe that a an outcall massage service will be more helpful, trustful and eficient then trying to go to a place that you are not completely sure about what it is. When working with delicated topics that demand a lot of trust, care, and sentiment is better to contact an individual professional that have a good discourse and a good will to bring you a personalized service and also the best confort possible. Staying at the comodity of your room, you just have to wait for your therapist to come over and treat the massage you are interested in.

I personaly love the Outcall Massage in Paris. It has been a great experience for me. Each time I visit my clients I always have a great moment in which i give the best of me and in exchange I gain a tremendous experience. I would like to remark that even if I am a therapist and is me the one providing a service, I also get a benefit from it and I always learn from each soul I meet. Is a reciproc exercise in wich all of us win. Please, if you are coming to Paris soon, if you are planning to experience a Tantric Massage Paris don't hesitate to contact Le Boudoir de Gala for more information. The best sensual massage in Paris is here, waiting for your visit in town.

Give a chance and try an unforgettable Erotic Massage Paris with me. I will be happy to assist you and guide you in your tantric massage experience. Also with your couple, one of my favorite and best services. An exercise of love and trust where I will be most then happy to provide the best couple massage paris

I am looking forward to hearing from you and keep in mind that this is a special gift to your soul. Don't miss the opportunity to discover another universe with Le Boudoir de Gala.


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