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Beautiful and Magical sessions for couples, woman and men.

Le Boudoir de Gala a beautiful, delicated and unique invension of Gala. A warm, caring and creative soul that try her best to guide and heal with her magical hands. Have you ever tried a sensual massage ? with your couple? alone?. Would you like to try a unique experience in wich you will be able to approach your inner self, sensations and emotions from another perspective?. Then don't hesitate and contact Gala. An outcall massage service dedicated to people with good taste and curiosity to explore other boundaries.

Why Le boudoir de Gala present the massage services as a new perspective on sensuality ? Simply because this is not intended to give you an ordinary and traditional way to gain a pleaseant moment, but rather a creative, artistic and sensorial way in which you can learn how to explore your body and ideas differently. Also the chance to understand the other from another perspective and by consequence re educate your stablish form of viewing sexuality.

Le Boudoir de Gala is a service that provide tantric massage. Is a naturist (naked) experience that will work your body holistically and emotionally. It is important to remark that for a good understanding and also improvement of your intime life a good conversation and a better insight of what tantra and sexuality means intelectually can absolutely help. We have to understand that sexuality it self is socially constructed and if we want to cross borders, heal from traumas or social normatives is important to reconstruct your idea and intelectual concept of it. A tantric perspective can always help mainly becasue is about a conscious and healthy sexuality where all type of toxic ideas imposed by our heteronormative will reframe.

If you would also like to share ideas and have another intelectual perspective on that Gala can provide you with counseling, parallel to your holistic massage therapies. Please don't hesitate to ask for that information if you have in mind this exceptional service.

Be welcome, let your self feel free from prejudice, let your self to be loved and to love your self. Let the hands of Gala give you a beautiful gift of light, erotism and sensations that will move you emotionally. The best sensual massage in Paris Le boudoir de Gala.

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