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A tantric touch that will invite you to reshape your masculinity

Hi my name is Gala, I am an independent tantric therapist and I work with tantric massage in Paris. Have you tried this type of massage before? do you have any knowledge about naturism or tantrism? If you haven't and if you are interested in these type of therapies, I kindly invite you to read this article and also to book one of my magycal sessions.

The nudity that implies this type of massage undoubtely will invite you to experience an erotic experience. A sensual massage that will inspire you and let you have another perspective of your own sexuality.

One of the biggest reasons why I started to feel interested in tantra was because this philosophy concieve sexuality from a universal and global perspective, not as it is in our occidental perspective of life and by consequence sex. The roles of woman and men are strongly oriented by a heteronormative that has been created by males ( the patriarchy ). A normative that logically opressed females and males , generating high expectations (such as the size of your genitals, your resistance, your stunt etc) and also pushing you to ignore what really you need or the other one need. The pornography (the biggest invention of the heteronormative of this patriarchy), is the best example of what we shouldn't do or believe. Is a performance made by the camera, creating fake expectations and ignoring completely the sense of feeling.

Many males goes on google and search tantric massage not for learning something new, not for exploring something new, not for understanding something new in themselves or neither for understanding womans need, but rather to keep with the same patern, to keep preteding to know everything and also to be sure they are basically the ones who can TEACH YOU SOMETHING. I believe these are the worse patient and if I have to be honest there is no point for me to do any tantric session to them. Many call me even telling me if I would like to received a tantric massage from them when they havent even been in touch with tantra (and I am not talking about a massage, I am talking about an intelectual view, an spiritual believe in which sexuality is concieved absolutely diferently).

This sessions are intended to provide you another experience, to teach you something new and to give you a beautiful gift in which there is no expectations but rather a wonderful invitation to explore an intime side of you . If you are one of those who trust the warm and well intentioned hands of a transparent therapist, if you are one of those who would like to know woman far from pornography and far from all social prejudice, if you are someone who would like to satisfied this erotic and sensual side through a beautiful ritual and always understanding that this is beneficial for you, don't hesitate to contact me. You are also welcome to learn about tantra and perform, there is also a service for that in my list.

The new man we need in the future is this one.. the one open to start to understand woman, to reconnect with the innerself, to explore the organic sexual impulse instead of fantasizing with high and false expectations decipted by pornography industry, a man that can comprehend better a tantric touch that beside to be sensorial also can be amazingly meaninful. Give to your self a chance to learn something new :)

If you are interested by one of my tantric sessions, please don't hesitate to contact me directly by whatsapp: +33 658840238 or by email . You are lso welcome to check directly my list for males massage clicking here:

I will be happy to share with you this erotic, beautiful, sensual and magycal meeting. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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