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Sometimes All We Need Is a Caress, The best outcall massage in Paris

Sometimes All We Need Is a Caress

Sometimes all we need is a caress. Nothing more. We don’t want the same old words, nor the same phrases that have been used time and time again. We want to be reaffirmed, welcomed and valued by the contact of that hand moving softly over our skin…

Few things offer such an emotional and mental calming effect as the simple act of caressing someone. Furthermore, within the field of humanistic psychology and transactional analysis, they tell us that every person needs to be touched by the people they love in order to feel “acknowledged.”

Nothing is more pleasing than an unexpected caress, such as the touch from someone who, despite being covered by a thousand scars, is still capable of offering the softest caresses.

A caress is a weapon of power, an essential gesture which encloses a whole world of emotions, inner balance and psychological well-being. This need to be recognized is something that will characterize us for life.

The power of unconditional caresses

In order for a caress to have an impact, relevance and transcendence, it must be unconditional. I caress your face with my hand, because that’s what my heart feels, because I recognize you as a part of me. And I do so selflessly. Unconditionally.

A caress is above all a sensory stimulus. A sensation is produced. But in order for it to be authentic and unconditional, this caress needs to awaken feelings and positive emotions.

If the caress is sincere and unconditional, an adequate reciprocity is established. The two people recognize themselves as part of each other. They receive these caresses as a type of language that bonds and fortifies them.

There’s a part of me within every caress I offer you

People don’t caress others simply to offer pleasure, soothe, or to care for and gratify. We caress to transmit a part of ourselves and build a bond.

Once a caress is given, it is what it is. Later the other person must judge it as something authentic or fake. Because, let’s not forget, there are also some caresses that can cause harm; pious or ironic caresses that can destroy the bond.

A caress can say a lot about us. Therefore, we must offer them calmly, with tenderness, transmitting those complicit messages which need no words.

Caresses as part of healthy attachment

A caress is a gesture through which we recognize, enfold and integrate one or more people into our being. They become a part of our hearts, and we need that skin to skin contact to reaffirm our emotions.

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